Wax or shugaring, which is better?

Wax hair removal tried by many and everyone knows how this procedure is approximately going. But far from everyone heard about shugaring and even a smaller percentage of people know what this procedure is about, how it differs from regular waxing and what is better: wax or shugaring.

Fast, safe procedure – shugaring like to call these words. A good master
can also provide minimal pain during the procedure. Is this true, or can shugaring be among the many Internet myths? We understand together.
• The following statement is popular: when shaving, hair removal is removed even in the anagen phase (the time of active growth, when the hair is still small and softer).
And this statement is true if you use sugar paste regularly for some time. Then hair growth becomes more or less simultaneous (synchronized) and most hairs are removed in the anagen phase. But here it should be noted that in any other type of epilation, whether it is warm or cold wax, epilator hair growth happens the same way, therefore this item cannot be called solely the merit of sugar paste.
shugaring cannot cause irritation or an allergic reaction due to the fact that the paste consists of natural ingredients.
Let’s start with irritations. Shugaring can be their cause, but it actually happens much less frequently than during the procedure with wax. The skin shugaring paste has a weaker grip than with waxing, therefore the risk of irritation is less. However, remember that the presence or absence of irritation on the skin after certain procedures is an individual thing and you need to go through several sessions to see if any of the methods of epilation is suitable for you.
If we talk about allergies, then we can say that yes, cases of its occurrence are extremely rare, but let’s not forget that there are people who are allergic to citrus fruits, and one of the components of the paste that supports its plastic is lemon juice (or, as an analogue, – lemon acid). Therefore, the possibility of an allergic reaction in shugaring still exists.
If you cook pasta at home, or your master does it, the feedback after shugaring is much more positive.
But when the paste is bought in a store, the manufacturer could add any fragrance, dye or preservative, due to which the purchased paste may not be suitable for you.

отличие воска от шугаринга
shugaring or wax

• It is often possible to find information on the Internet that the procedure is completely painless and does not cause unpleasant sensations even in the most sensitive places.
Any kind of epilation causes pain. This is due not to the type of procedure, but to the fact that during it hair is pulled out, near the follicle of which there are nerve endings. The difference may be in the speed of the procedure and the degree of skin trauma during it.
Severely painful, you can make any procedure, regardless of whether depilation with wax or shugaring. What is best for you is determined by your skin, the pain threshold, the level of the master who performs this procedure is also important.
There are several main areas in which to fight unwanted hairs which use shugarnig (deep bikini). The majority of reviews about such a procedure are positive, as the sugar paste is warm, which minimizes the pain and well captures all the hairs, rather quickly and effectively removing them. Depilation bikini can go more quickly and less painful, especially when compared with the procedure using the epilator.

• Sugarnig can solve the problem of hair ingrowth in any zone.
No, this is unfortunately not the case. Hair begins to grow even after shaving, and sometimes by themselves. Therefore, if they are regularly removed along with the bulb, the hair becomes thin and brittle and does not have the strength to crawl out from under the skin, therefore it grows under it. The problem can help eliminate scrubs, body creams that make the skin softer and moisturize it.
• Burning during shugaring procedure is not possible.
Yes, if the procedure is performed correctly, then the temperature of the paste is not higher than 40 degrees Celsius and the burn is impossible. But in order for the paste to have the right temperature, it is necessary to first prepare it properly and heat it properly, then the result of the epilation will be remarkable and the procedure will bring minimal discomfort.
Naturally, a highly skilled master in the cabin will cope with this task best of all.

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