Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

The attractiveness of the female image is the result of many components. This is not only external data, but also refined manners, well-delivered speech, the ability to present oneself. Sometimes it happens that it is dissatisfaction with the reflection in the mirror that prevents a woman from fully opening up. Lips are most often criticized. Do not despair, a solution can be found with the help of modern cosmetology. Today, the lip correction procedure, which helps hundreds of women to get rid of their complexes, is becoming increasingly popular. If you are not satisfied with the shape of the lips, or just want to make them more sensual and alluring, then the correction is the right way out. Thanks to the development of the cosmetic field, today the procedure for lip correction is available in any major city!
The uniqueness of the method of correction with hyaluronic acid
The most popular is the procedure called lip correction with hyaluronic acid, which allows you to achieve the effect of naturalness and naturalness, you can admire the result of the work done a few days after it.
The indisputable advantages of this type of correction is the speed of implementation, long-term result, the absence of pain!

увеличить губы гиалуроновой кислотой
large lips

There are different types of lip correction that help solve specific problems:
• lip shape correction;
• correction of the upper lip;
• correction of the lower lip;
• Correction of the corners of the lips;
• lip volume correction.
Due to the amazing properties of emla oil, the procedure becomes absolutely painless and comfortable, the patient may experience small hematomas at the injection sites, but you shouldn’t be afraid of this – in a week they won’t leave a mark.
Hyaluronic acid injections give lips extra volume, clear lines and relieve small wrinkles. The duration of the result is individual and ranges from 3 to 8 months.
Lip correction in Moscow is carried out by many clinics, which is why you should carefully consider its choice.
The procedure is safe enough, but it is better to abstain from pregnant and lactating mothers from it. It is not recommended to carry out lip correction in the presence of various chronic and skin diseases, after some cosmetic procedures.

Useful tips
• It is not necessary to plan a correction during the period of menstruation;
• It is advisable to abandon physical exertion and drinking alcohol for at least 7 days before and after correction;
• It is imperative to eliminate hot drinks after the procedure;
• It should be remembered that taking certain medications can significantly reduce the duration of the effect of the procedure;
• You should not resort to the procedure, if you can not realistically assess the final result and expect incredible external changes.
Within a week after the introduction of the drug, when the swelling of the lips passes, the final result of the procedure will become noticeable. The amount of the injected substance is selected individually for each client, taking into account the wishes regarding the desired effect.
There are some nuances that need to be taken care of in advance:
• before the procedure, food intake is desirable;
• avoid drinking coffee;
• Traumeel C and chlorhexedine should be in the first aid kit.
Thousands of women who have gone through the lip correction procedure with hyaluronic acid have evaluated the effectiveness, reliability and effectiveness of this method.

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