Lip Correction and Enlargement

Филлер контурная пластика губ
Filler cosmetologist

The last 10 years, the service of lip augmentation and lip shape correction is the most popular with a beautician.

Lips of the correct proportions and fullness subconsciously attract views.

Lips, like hands, an experienced person can determine age. Indeed, over time, the fullness of the lips goes, and the corners go down.

A competent specialist knows how, for example, by focusing on the lips, you can hide other flaws of the face.

Leonardo da Vinci also wrote in his writings on the golden section that, ideally, the width of the lips is proportional to the width of the base of the nose.

увеличение губ цена
lip enlargement hyaluronic acid reviews

An important is the ratio of the height of the upper and lower lips.

It turns out that the beautician is faced with not only the task of increasing the volume of the lips, but also, as an artist, to impart the necessary proportions.

Doctors cosmetologists observe not only aesthetics. In the first place is the task not to harm the patient and not to squeeze the vital vessels. A poorly performed procedure can entail not only an aesthetic defect, but also various unpleasant and dangerous situations, such as inflammation and tissue ischemia.

Since the opportunity to change the volume of the lips, different materials have been used: wax, oil, polyacrylamide gel, biopolymer, hyaluronic acid.

To date, the only safe lip augmentation material is hyaluronic acid. Which is one of the main components of our body and the immune system does not perceive it as alien. To ensure that the injected hyaluronic acid is not absorbed very quickly, it is “stitched” and “poured” into sterile syringes. Once in the tissue, the enzyme still dissolves it within 6 months – 1.5 years, turning it into carbon dioxide and water. The rate of decomposition of injected hyaluronic acid depends on the density and “stitching” of the drug, as well as on the individual characteristics of the organism (hyaluronic acid elimination accelerates during active sports, visiting the bath).

Scheme of the procedure:

1 assessment of the condition of the tissues (it is especially important if a previously injected material is still in the lips).

2 discussion of the individual wishes of the patient, the choice of the drug (Juviderm, Surdzhiderm, Restyline, Apriline, etc.).

3 antiseptic treatment (in the absence of contraindications, local anesthesia)

4 the introduction of the drug on the basis of hyaluronic acid in the lips. If necessary, correction of the corners of the lips.

5 antiseptic treatment, light massage.

Recommendations after the lip augmentation procedure:

1 lip treatment with antiseptic (chlorhexidine, Miramistin) 4-6 times a day.

2 application of accelerating healing means (traumel cream or arnicogel) 2-4 times a day

3 exclude hot drinks, smoking within 2 hours after the procedure.

For those who have heard enough scary stories and very afraid to try the first time.

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid based filler is a safe procedure.

Hyaluronic acid resolves over time

One of the best procedures that will help you in just 45 minutes without any operations to improve your appearance.

If you want to try for a long time, but you are afraid, remember that the drug in any case will go away with time and will not leave scars.

No wonder poets devote so many poems to their lips.

What smells lips of a woman beloved,

Probably spring flowers …

Their lips are unquenchable beauty,

Which can not be described in words!

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