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Beauticians relentlessly assert that the health of the skin is largely determined by the quality of its cleansing. This is quite reasonable, since the banal daily washing does not save the owners of problem skin from rashes and clogged pores. In the sebaceous glands accumulate various kinds of pollution, they become the culprits of the appearance of black spots and provoke inflammation. When cosmetology became popular, most women appreciated its benefits and stopped experiencing similar problems. Today, cleansing the face of a good cosmetologist is the basis of skin care at any age. Its regular implementation is a guarantee of beauty of the face. After each session, the skin is transformed, it becomes smoother and more attractive.

Facial cleansing by a beautician

Comedones and inflammations are a problem for more than 80% of the inhabitants of Magapolis. Their appearance causes excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, which protect themselves from drying out and the negative impact of the environment. Sebum clogs pores, which are almost impossible to clean at home.

The victory over inflammations is possible only through manual or hardware cleaning. It should be carried out with observance of hygienic and cosmetological precautions. Only a specialist can remove the deepest comedones without damaging the skin or provoking even more serious inflammatory processes. The pores will again “breathe” and saturate the dermis with oxygen. Almost immediately, the complexion will improve, and the number of lesions will decrease with each subsequent procedure.

Purges are divided by impact technology:

– manual or mechanical;

– ultrasound;

– vacuum.

Mechanical facial cleansing

Manual or mechanical cleaning began to practice much earlier than others. But now it remains the most popular way to return the skin a healthy look. This is the most thorough cleaning possible, which helps even in very advanced cases. But she is the toughest and traumatic, although the beautician performs it very carefully and carefully.

In the process of manual cleansing, the beautician rubs the skin of the client, and, wrapping his fingers with wipes of sterile tissue, removes acne. This procedure is often performed with a Uno spoon, which is less painful, but also ensures deep cleansing. Cleaning completes the application of tightening and soothing masks. For a couple of days, certain areas of the face can ache and retain redness.

Cleaning steps:

– make-up removal;

– application of steaming compositions;

– cleaning;

– applying an antiseptic mask;

– light cream by skin type.

A competent cosmetologist will never perform the client’s manual cleaning frequently or carry out a course. It is recommended as the skin is contaminated, no more than once every 3-4 months.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic face cleaning is considered more progressive and refers to hardware procedures. As you already understood, it uses ultrasonic waves. Cleaning removes a layer of dead cells, removes dirt and sebum from the pores, while contributing to the production of collagen. But this technique is considered superficial, often combined with other types of cleaning. Unfortunately, deep comedones are not removed by ultrasound, but it is ideal for the care of aging skin.

The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning:

– purification, stimulating regeneration;

– narrowing of pores, improving skin tone;

– deep penetration of cosmetic preparations and creams;

– elimination of superficial wrinkles;

– tonus and elasticity.

This method is atraumatic as much as possible, after it there is practically no redness. For dry skin owners, ultrasonic cleaning is shown no more than once every three months, but people with oily skin should visit the cosmetologist’s office once or twice a month.

Vacuum cleaning

Another method of effective removal of comedones and acne eruptions is vacuum cleaning of the face. Its action is compared with a vacuum cleaner. To perform the procedure used a small unit with a tube. The purpose of the vacuum: “lure” eels and pollution out.

Vacuum cleaning requires preparatory measures: applying loosening lotions or gels on the face. This contributes to a more effective discharge of sebum, dirt and comedones. A beautician will eliminate problems even in hard to reach places. The positive qualities of this technique are low invasiveness and minimal risk of infection. In addition, the vacuum has a lifting effect and enriches the cells with oxygen.

But this technique does not suit clients with sensitive and dry skin, as well as those whose vessels are located very close to the surface. It is not carried out in the period of exacerbation of inflammatory processes. Also, vacuum cleaning is not desirable if you have plans for the evening to come, as your skin will still be filled with all shades of pink for at least a day.

No matter how much you study the techniques and do not arrange surveys of friends who are experiencing various cleaning methods, the most correct decision would be to visit the beautician on your own. Only he will correctly select the necessary procedure taking into account the peculiarities of your skin, and then perform it in compliance with cosmetic and hygienic requirements.

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Mechanical face cleaning

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