Body mesotherapy

Intellectual weight loss – melt fat immediately in

problem areas.

Summer is coming. Warm days, gentle sun, travel time and unforgettable summer

rest … But sometimes a joyful anticipation is overshadowed by an annoying nuisance: the flaws of the figure

do not hide the clothes, even the most beautiful swimsuit does not distract attention from the orange

crusts, and the hanging sides do not look aesthetically pleasing. There comes a time of desperate struggle over

weight. That’s just the desired result is not always possible. You can spend a lot of money

for green coffee, to consume large quantities of Goji berries, activated carbon,

xenical and similar means – and, at best, “stay at their kilograms”, and in

the worst thing is to give up health, not fat on the hips, stomach and sides.

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Proper nutrition

dosed physical exertion is the ideal and safe formula for losing weight. But here

One snag is to remove fat from problem areas is difficult! After all, he goes to the very last

turn! And how often we are faced with the fact that it is not at all from where it should be. A prime example is

the breast has decreased in size, but the treacherously bulging belly has not gone anywhere. It’s a shame and

hands down! “Smart phone”, “smart home”, “intelligent systems” – now, if

The age of high technology and weight loss was intellectual! So that fat goes away immediately with

trouble spots!

Intellectual (local) weight loss exists!

In order to correct the local fat deposits and combat cellulite, scientists have developed

special substances. They act on the body as follows:

1. Softening fibrosis;

2. The conversion of fat into an emulsion;

3. Removal of the emulsion through the lymph.

As a result, we get targeted reduction in volumes, improved fabric quality, and, in

unlike other ways, increase skin elasticity.

What is mesotherapy for weight loss

Мезотерапия тела растяжк
Body mesotherapy moscow

The reasons for weight gain are different. Therefore, methods of mesotherapy for the body are selected

individually. But, in general, the course of body mesotherapy for weight loss can be divided into three

main stages:

1. The introduction of lymphatic drainage drugs to improve the outflow of fluid. Even on this

stages we see the result: a decrease in volume and a decrease in pressure in the vessels

adipose tissue. Is it possible to immediately use a lipolytic direct action, neglecting

this stage? In this case, the effect will be less pronounced, as fat, which

turned into an emulsion, it will be difficult to leave the body, making its way through

clogged lymph.

2. Lipolysis (fat splitting). It involves the use of so-called direct

lipolytic. The stage is specific. It provides for the introduction of a substance on a strictly

a certain depth with the correct intervals between injections, which requires skills

and experience. Mesotherapy at home using direct lipolitikov not

produced for this reason. The procedure must be performed by a qualified


3. Work on the quality of the skin. Optional stage. But in 70% of cases, working with a patient,

we deal not only with excess weight, but also with flabbiness of the skin.

There are many drugs for mesotherapy. To get the desired result is important

choose the right substances and inject the course at prescribed intervals.

On average, the course of mesotherapy for the body lasts 8-10 weeks.

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