Wet whiskey swaddling

стикс обертывание
Влажные виски пеленания метро сретенский бульвар

Whiskey swaddling is a procedure that is done with the help of Austrian cosmetics (gel, lotion, cream). This will not only help get rid of unwanted centimeters, but also benefit the organizers in general. Due to the fact that people lose weight, cellulite, tighten the skin, accelerate metabolic processes. This is a multi-layered procedure, which involves the application of several layers of preparations. Cosmetic preparations that are used in whiskey diapers, consist mainly of essential oils – biologically effective substances. After applying the preparations, which are soaked with whiskey-lotion (there are 6 types), they are similar individually for solving your problems. Its temperature rises by 1 – 1.5 degrees. This leads to the restoration of thermal balance, increasing the efficiency of metabolism. We have a contraindicated heater or vein problems. Bioactive components that are present in lotions, contribute to the breakdown of fat and remove products from the body, which break down along with toxins 5 o’clock.
Stages of wet whiskey changing

виски пеленания купить
whiskey swaddling

Stage 1 – preparatory.
Beautician prepares a swaddling lotion. 2 stages – work with the client.
Evaluation of tissue condition, measuring the size of “centimeter.”
One or two layers of special cream and gels are applied on the client’s body. The first layer is protective (affects skin areas, zones of varicose veins). After applying special creams and gels, oil is applied to the skin, which enhances the implementation, improving the effect of procedures.
Stage 3 – Whiskey-swaddling. After a person completely wraps himself up, he must hold out for a while (from 50 minutes to 1). , 5 hours, depending on the problem to be solved). The procedure takes a lot of fluids in the body (so that a person needs to rest so that the doctor can restore the level of the fluid). Stage 5 – Completion.
At this stage, the client is released from the bandages and wipe the body dry. Stage 6 – evaluation of results. Immediately after the first procedure

Виски пеленание сколько стоит
stix whiskey

The time required for this procedure is approximately 2 hours.
– a very effective method to combat obesity. This procedure does not require physical exertion, and the weight is very low (at 5-7 kg per course)!

– Whiskey swaddling does not have contraindications;
– the procedure is completely painless;
– the body becomes flexible and plastic;
– elimination of edema;
– Changes in varicose veins, cellulite.
Wet whiskey swaddling should be done every 3-4 days. The minimum course should be 5-7 procedures. If the client has big problems with survival, then the course should include 15 – 20 sessions.
After the end of the sessions, it is necessary to do the verification procedure at least once a month.

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