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How to get rid of pigmentation on the face

Any defect on the skin is a big nuisance for women. Pigment spots can appear unexpectedly and often quite difficult to get rid of them, but if you start the treatment of pigmentation in a timely manner, it is possible to obtain the desired effect without harm to the skin.

пигментация лечение
How to get rid of pigmentation on the face

Why do age spots appear on the skin?

The causes of pigmentation on the face and body can depend on many factors. Some of these factors are temporary (pregnancy, age-related hormonal changes). In this case, pigmentation usually goes away on its own, but there are exceptions. Another reason may be poor-quality cosmetics, or containing ingredients that do not fit your skin. Means such as contraceptives, potent and toxic drugs can cause the appearance of pigmentation on the skin at any age.

Despite the fact that pigment spots are not an exclusively age-related phenomenon, they most often disturb women over the age of fifty. Over time, the cells of our body begin to lose control over the production of pigment, and as a result of this, pigmentation appears on the skin.

Particularly prone to such a problem are those who spend a lot of time in the sun. If your work is connected with a long stay in the open air, then by the age of forty you can wait for the appearance of stains. To avoid this at any age, try as little as possible to allow the sun’s rays to openly touch the skin of the face. Use hats, sunscreens or any other SPF-protected products, especially in spring and summer.

Carefully monitor the condition of the skin after sunburn, if any darkening appears on the skin, stop these sessions and start using bleaching agents as soon as possible. You also need to note that you can not sunbathe and pregnant, as often pigment spots during pregnancy, tanning, do not disappear at all.

If you are a lover of scrubs, high-acid creams, then you may also experience pigmentation on your face. And scrubs, and this type of cream – great tools to maintain the balance of fat and give the skin an elastic look, but they must be used in moderation (no more than several times a week, and not on a daily and permanent basis).

Let’s return to the topic of pregnancy. Having noticed on her face or body small areas of skin of a darker tone, a woman in a position should not immediately try to get rid of them with the help of various means. It is best to not touch the spots during the gestation period and a few months after the birth of the child. You can use natural acids in small quantities in the form of masks from some fruits, or light creams, but whitening of the skin with the help of aggressive agents (most of which may contain toxic substances) during pregnancy or breastfeeding can not be performed.

 How to get rid of pigmentation on the face?

The most important aspects of any procedures in cosmetology is a professional approach. This approach includes the use of the necessary tools with the correct and safe components in the composition, the correct duration and number of skin whitening procedures.

Effective skin whitening is easy to carry out even at home, using available tools, or any purchased cream. But, getting rid of blemishes, you can seriously harm your skin. If the ingredients you used are not suitable for you, then you risk worsening your skin tone, drying it out and getting serious irritations. Irritations, by the way, are another reason to carry out skin whitening procedures with a specialist or with the help of professional tools, strictly adhering to the instructions.

To get rid of age spots, you may need from 5 to 10 procedures, depending on the degree of discoloration on the skin, age and other individual characteristics. Plus, the salon procedure is that you will be able to choose a tool that is used for a certain age group, such as skin. It is also important that someone monitor the condition of your skin in the process of gradual whitening. Often, we ourselves cannot see that because of such rather traumatic procedures, minor skin problems begin to arise, which over time develops stronger. An experienced beautician will immediately notice minor traces of problems in the condition of the skin, find out the cause and help avoid unpleasant consequences.

Consultation of cosmetologist

сколько стоит консультация косметолога
Consultation of cosmetologist Moscow

The ideal condition of the skin is almost the main condition for human beauty. Unfortunately, very few of us can boast of this indicator. Most of them have either excessive fat or very dry skin, peeling, uneven color and rash. Many try to solve these problems on their own, but, more often than not, this does not lead to anything good. The only way out is to consult a cosmetologist’s doctor.

Competent recommendations and expert advice will help get rid of the poor condition of the skin and make your appearance simply irresistible.

About the consultation

Consultation cosmetologist need the fair sex who are interested in issues of beauty, health and youth. A professional with a capital letter will help you choose the right cosmetics for skin treatment and for everyday care. The doctor takes into account the type and general condition of the skin. It is worth noting that the doctor knows almost everything about modern innovations of the healthy beauty industry. He will advise special cosmetic procedures that will be able to return the skin’s former youth.

Throughout a person’s life, his appearance constantly undergoes certain changes. Most of them do not please us. The moment comes when we want to look younger. In this we can help the consultation of a cosmetologist whose price is quite acceptable.

When to contact a beautician

Cosmetologist Vnukova Olga Leonidovna is always ready to provide professional assistance to people who are accustomed to the responsibility to approach the issues of their beauty and health. Olga Leonidovna is ready to help any client. She will share the secrets that will allow to preserve the unfading beauty and eternal youth.

The indications for visiting a cosmetologist are:

– dry, dehydrated skin,

– oily skin surface,

– the appearance of age-related changes in the skin (wrinkles, ptosis, reduction of turgor, etc.),

– dull and uneven complexion,

– the formation of papillomas, warts, moles,

– the appearance of acne and its consequences (scars, scars),

– fragility of the nail plate,

– deterioration of the hair and their loss,

– formation of spider veins,

– hyperpigmentation.

Consultation of cosmetologist in Moscow

Consultation Vnukova Olga Leonidovna consists of several main stages. First, the doctor listens to all the complaints of the patient and examines the history. It is important for the doctor to understand how long ago you have been confronted with various problems, which methods of skin care you have used and how successfully they have been used.

The second stage is an objective assessment of your skin condition.

o cover, hair and nails. After the review, Olga Leonidovna will be able to appoint additional examinations. In certain cases, the patient will also need an endocrinologist consultation. This will allow you to more thoroughly study the causes of the problem and get rid of them.

Only on the basis of the result of a comprehensive diagnosis, the doctor will appoint medical and care cosmetics that will get rid of acne, improve the general condition and skin color, and also slow down the development of all possible age-related changes.

Before consulting a dermatologist, it is not recommended to use aniline dyes and decorative cosmetics. Competent advice from a dermatologist beautician will help bring your skin to tone. The doctor will develop a special program of rejuvenation, observing that, you can get the long-awaited beauty and youth.

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

The attractiveness of the female image is the result of many components. This is not only external data, but also refined manners, well-delivered speech, the ability to present oneself. Sometimes it happens that it is dissatisfaction with the reflection in the mirror that prevents a woman from fully opening up. Lips are most often criticized. Do not despair, a solution can be found with the help of modern cosmetology. Today, the lip correction procedure, which helps hundreds of women to get rid of their complexes, is becoming increasingly popular. If you are not satisfied with the shape of the lips, or just want to make them more sensual and alluring, then the correction is the right way out. Thanks to the development of the cosmetic field, today the procedure for lip correction is available in any major city!
The uniqueness of the method of correction with hyaluronic acid
The most popular is the procedure called lip correction with hyaluronic acid, which allows you to achieve the effect of naturalness and naturalness, you can admire the result of the work done a few days after it.
The indisputable advantages of this type of correction is the speed of implementation, long-term result, the absence of pain!

увеличить губы гиалуроновой кислотой
large lips

There are different types of lip correction that help solve specific problems:
• lip shape correction;
• correction of the upper lip;
• correction of the lower lip;
• Correction of the corners of the lips;
• lip volume correction.
Due to the amazing properties of emla oil, the procedure becomes absolutely painless and comfortable, the patient may experience small hematomas at the injection sites, but you shouldn’t be afraid of this – in a week they won’t leave a mark.
Hyaluronic acid injections give lips extra volume, clear lines and relieve small wrinkles. The duration of the result is individual and ranges from 3 to 8 months.
Lip correction in Moscow is carried out by many clinics, which is why you should carefully consider its choice.
The procedure is safe enough, but it is better to abstain from pregnant and lactating mothers from it. It is not recommended to carry out lip correction in the presence of various chronic and skin diseases, after some cosmetic procedures.

Useful tips
• It is not necessary to plan a correction during the period of menstruation;
• It is advisable to abandon physical exertion and drinking alcohol for at least 7 days before and after correction;
• It is imperative to eliminate hot drinks after the procedure;
• It should be remembered that taking certain medications can significantly reduce the duration of the effect of the procedure;
• You should not resort to the procedure, if you can not realistically assess the final result and expect incredible external changes.
Within a week after the introduction of the drug, when the swelling of the lips passes, the final result of the procedure will become noticeable. The amount of the injected substance is selected individually for each client, taking into account the wishes regarding the desired effect.
There are some nuances that need to be taken care of in advance:
• before the procedure, food intake is desirable;
• avoid drinking coffee;
• Traumeel C and chlorhexedine should be in the first aid kit.
Thousands of women who have gone through the lip correction procedure with hyaluronic acid have evaluated the effectiveness, reliability and effectiveness of this method.

Wax or shugaring, which is better?

Wax hair removal tried by many and everyone knows how this procedure is approximately going. But far from everyone heard about shugaring and even a smaller percentage of people know what this procedure is about, how it differs from regular waxing and what is better: wax or shugaring.

Fast, safe procedure – shugaring like to call these words. A good master
can also provide minimal pain during the procedure. Is this true, or can shugaring be among the many Internet myths? We understand together.
• The following statement is popular: when shaving, hair removal is removed even in the anagen phase (the time of active growth, when the hair is still small and softer).
And this statement is true if you use sugar paste regularly for some time. Then hair growth becomes more or less simultaneous (synchronized) and most hairs are removed in the anagen phase. But here it should be noted that in any other type of epilation, whether it is warm or cold wax, epilator hair growth happens the same way, therefore this item cannot be called solely the merit of sugar paste.
shugaring cannot cause irritation or an allergic reaction due to the fact that the paste consists of natural ingredients.
Let’s start with irritations. Shugaring can be their cause, but it actually happens much less frequently than during the procedure with wax. The skin shugaring paste has a weaker grip than with waxing, therefore the risk of irritation is less. However, remember that the presence or absence of irritation on the skin after certain procedures is an individual thing and you need to go through several sessions to see if any of the methods of epilation is suitable for you.
If we talk about allergies, then we can say that yes, cases of its occurrence are extremely rare, but let’s not forget that there are people who are allergic to citrus fruits, and one of the components of the paste that supports its plastic is lemon juice (or, as an analogue, – lemon acid). Therefore, the possibility of an allergic reaction in shugaring still exists.
If you cook pasta at home, or your master does it, the feedback after shugaring is much more positive.
But when the paste is bought in a store, the manufacturer could add any fragrance, dye or preservative, due to which the purchased paste may not be suitable for you.

отличие воска от шугаринга
shugaring or wax

• It is often possible to find information on the Internet that the procedure is completely painless and does not cause unpleasant sensations even in the most sensitive places.
Any kind of epilation causes pain. This is due not to the type of procedure, but to the fact that during it hair is pulled out, near the follicle of which there are nerve endings. The difference may be in the speed of the procedure and the degree of skin trauma during it.
Severely painful, you can make any procedure, regardless of whether depilation with wax or shugaring. What is best for you is determined by your skin, the pain threshold, the level of the master who performs this procedure is also important.
There are several main areas in which to fight unwanted hairs which use shugarnig (deep bikini). The majority of reviews about such a procedure are positive, as the sugar paste is warm, which minimizes the pain and well captures all the hairs, rather quickly and effectively removing them. Depilation bikini can go more quickly and less painful, especially when compared with the procedure using the epilator.

• Sugarnig can solve the problem of hair ingrowth in any zone.
No, this is unfortunately not the case. Hair begins to grow even after shaving, and sometimes by themselves. Therefore, if they are regularly removed along with the bulb, the hair becomes thin and brittle and does not have the strength to crawl out from under the skin, therefore it grows under it. The problem can help eliminate scrubs, body creams that make the skin softer and moisturize it.
• Burning during shugaring procedure is not possible.
Yes, if the procedure is performed correctly, then the temperature of the paste is not higher than 40 degrees Celsius and the burn is impossible. But in order for the paste to have the right temperature, it is necessary to first prepare it properly and heat it properly, then the result of the epilation will be remarkable and the procedure will bring minimal discomfort.
Naturally, a highly skilled master in the cabin will cope with this task best of all.

Does biorevitalization do?

The skin of the face is an important component of the appearance of a woman. It is the skin – the main indicator of human health and age.

биоревитализация отзывы косметологов
skin biorevitalization

Even the queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, known for its ideal appearance even in old age, paid great attention to the skin. She used various baths, masks, creams and left behind a huge amount of useful recipes that women use to this day.

But, unfortunately, such procedures can not always be limited, because with age, the skin condition always worsens, it becomes more dry, loses elasticity, age-related wrinkles appear.

It is not necessary to resort to plastic surgery, because today there are many cosmetic procedures that can improve her condition without significant intervention, and biorevitization
is one of them. But unlike the others, it is designed specifically to eliminate the age-related changes of the skin, therefore, biorevitization of the face is done for women from 30 years old.

What problems can be overcome by resorting to this cosmetic procedure?

Dry skin This procedure will give the necessary moisture to your skin, even if it is very dry and dehydrated.
Poor skin condition after plastic surgery.
Damage from ultraviolet rays. If you like to visit tanning salons or sunbathe in the sun, you may face the adverse effects of rays on the skin, this procedure will allow you to get rid of it.
Inelasticity and loss of elasticity.
Dark spots. Biorevitization effectively fights the problem of multiple moles and other age spots.
The essence of the method is that hyaluronic acid, administered intracutaneously, maintains water balance, cells are activated in a favorable environment, tissues begin to recover, appearance of the skin improves, and elasticity appears.

There are two main types of biorevitization: biorevitization with hyaluronic acid, by introducing it directly under the skin of problem areas, and biorevitization with a laser, where hyaluronic acid, which is part of the gel, affects the skin when interacting with the laser.

отзывы после биоревитализации
biorevitalization Price

The most common type is injectable biorevitization.
Reviews of biorevitalization are the most positive, since its action can be seen almost immediately after it. Also, there is an effect that manifests itself after 1-2 weeks, it is then that the skin cells begin to repair themselves. So if there is a need to prepare for an important event, then the procedure is desirable to carry out in advance, to obtain the maximum result.

The price of biorevitization in Moscow is available to any budget, since the biorevitization course is carried out once a month, and, for example, mesotherapy once a week. It is necessary to distinguish these two procedures not only by price, but also as a whole, as many confuse them. Mesotherapy involves the introduction under the skin not only hyaluronic acid, but also additional vitamins and trace elements that are produced in an insufficient amount in the body.
Mesotherapy can be performed from the age of 25, and biorevitization
is effective at a later age.

Reviews after biorevitization almost all positive due to the absence of complications in the form of bruises, as well as the speed of the procedure.

Biorevitization will take only an hour, and the result will be visible immediately!

Botox or Dysport?

In every woman’s life, there comes a moment when even well-groomed skin begins to lose elasticity and beautiful appearance – this is a physiological process that cannot be stopped. But, nevertheless, it is possible to remove its consequences by using procedures such as Botox or Dysport injections.

Such procedures always give an effect, unlike most anti-aging remedies, because they act on a specific zone that requires correction. The result of the injection is visible after 1-4 days in the case of Dysport and 4-7 days after Botox. The Botox or Dysport procedure not only quickly gives a visible result and is quickly performed, but the effect of it remains for a long time – more than four months, and for some half a year or even longer depending on the metabolic rate, which is an individual indicator for each person.

If you decide to carry out such a procedure, then one of the first questions that will arise will be a question about the choice of a substance that you will enter into the muscle during the injection. Now on the market are competing two of the largest firms that produce liquids for such injections: Botox and Dysport.

Ботокс или Диспорт
Botox disport reviews

The first thing we must note is that both substances are medications, they are tested and their safety is confirmed, therefore we will not use this criterion in comparison. In spite of whether you choose Botox or Dysport, you can be sure that the components in its composition do not harm your health.

First of all, consider the mode of action of products of both firms.

Both Botox and Dysport are composed of the main active ingredient – botulinum toxin type A. The only difference is in its quantity: in Botox – 5 ng (100 units per dose), and in Dysport – 12.5 (or 500 units per dose). Usually, such a criterion does not play a big role, but if the toxin needs to be neutralized for any reason, then it will be easier to do this with Botox due to the lower concentration of botulinum toxin.

This toxin acts as a muscle relaxant, that is, a means that relaxes the muscles (in the case of precisely injecting a substance using an injection syringe – only a small muscle in the right areas).

Botulinum toxin is not the only substance in the composition and the difference between the two products arises precisely because of the additional substances.

Auxiliary substances in solutions for injections:


Sodium Chloride – 900 mcg
Human plasma albumin – 500 mcg


Lactose – 2.5 mg
Human plasma albumin – 125 mcg

Due to its composition, Dysport often penetrates not only into the muscles of the face into which it was inserted, but also into the adjacent tissues. On the one hand, this may be the cause of defects, if the procedure is performed by a non-specialist who knows where to and where the drug with such an effect cannot be administered. But on the other hand, it is Dysport that is able to give an ideal, natural effect after the procedure, especially on the forehead and nose. Among patients who used Dysport for these purposes, the responses were more positive than among those who solved similar problems with the help of Botox.

Botox is a more “accurate” tool. It is better to use it if correction of the corners of the eyes, lips or eyebrows is necessary.

No less important is the price. Here, in fact, there is no big difference, you choose Dysport or Botox, the price in Moscow for the required dose of substance will be about the same, the difference can only be in the price of the procedure itself in different clinics.

Botox or Dysport: which is better?

Based on the above information, we can conclude that when choosing between Botox and Dysport, one should be guided by the following criteria:

How fast do you need the effect?
If you are preparing for any important event and deadlines are tight, then you need to keep in mind that both Dysport and Botox show the final effect after 10-14 days, but the Botox begins to act much faster (1 day after the injection), whereas The effect of Dysport appears only after 4-5 days and is increasing every day.

What problem areas do you want to correct?
If your goal is large areas with large muscles, then Dysport contraindications will help you to achieve a natural appearance. with an injection in the area of ​​the upper eyelid, as the instruction warns. If necessary, the treatment of areas that are located closer to the wings of the nose, eyes, mouth is better to use Botox, which is better suited for muscles of small size.


лучшие врачи косметологи москвы
the best doctors moscow
лучший косметолог дерматолог москвы
the best cosmetologist of Moscow
самые лучшие косметологи москвы
cosmetologist dermatologist Moscow doctor review
хороший косметолог по подтяжке лица мезонитями москва
how to find a good cosmetologist in Moscow
косметолог консультация
cosmetologist Moscow
хороший косметолог дерматолог
dermatologist cosmetologist consultation
косметолог лицо
good doctor cosmetologist
косметолог консультация
professional cosmetologist
самые лучшие косметологи москвы
the best cosmetologists of Moscow
врач косметолог
sign up to a cosmetologist
хороший косметолог чистка лица
where is a good cosmetician
хороший врач косметолог дерматолог
botox good cosmetologist
нужен хороший косметолог
good cosmetologist dermatologist reviews
лучшие косметологи мира
advise a good beautician in Moscow
лучшие косметологи россии
best beauticians contouring plastic
консультация косметолога
best beautician for contouring plastic
консультация косметолога москва
beautician consultation Price
стоимость консультация косметолога
good cosmetologist dermatologist

12 tips from a cosmetologist

посоветуйте хорошего косметолога в москве
The best beauticians of Moscow

The best beauticians of Moscow
Well-groomed and beautiful woman is unlikely to reveal the secrets of his youth and attractiveness. Beautiful skin – one of the main advantages of the female, and there are many different ways that she was young, supple and beautiful.
It is given by nature that a woman, no matter at what age she is, diligently corrects and minimizes the flaws and shortcomings of her face with the help of special creams and various procedures. Makeup – always highlight the beauty of your face. But, unfortunately, such an easy way will not retain the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin.
12 unique and necessary recommendations from beauticians
1. Keep in your cosmetic bag quality cosmetics of famous manufacturers. Do not forget to select it according to your age and skin condition. In such an important matter, you should consult in advance with a specialist physician who will select the best option with you, but do not overdo it with experiments – you do not need to change creams and serums very often, because by doing so you are harming your body. Do not forget about age cream after 30 years, as they must contain the necessary components, namely – hyaluronic acid and dimethylaminoethanol.
2. No need to dry oily skin with alcohol-based products. Using such a tool, the fat on the face will increase, and the skin will begin to peel off.
3. Try to apply the cream on the skin. Before applying the cream, the face must be clean and not wet. Apply tonic using a damp towel or disposable cloth, and only after drying, apply a serum or cream.
4. The most important rule is proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Smoking is the number one enemy. Because of cigarettes, the skin becomes loose, yellowish-gray and unwanted wrinkles appear. Use in your diet plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. They are very useful not only for your skin, but also for the whole body. Eat less fatty foods, and forget about sweets and flour products. Eat seafood, seeds and nuts.
5. In the summer, take as a rule, less to be in the sun, if this is not possible, use special preparations that protect from ultraviolet radiation. These sunscreens help prevent wrinkles and pigmentation at an early age.
6. Cleaning your skin, remember that the smaller the foam in the gel, the better. For oily skin, a soft foam is perfect, for dry and sensitive skin – the ideal option would be a milk with a minimum amount of foam.
7. No need to wash your face with too hot or cold water, warm water will do for all skin types. Treat your face with a contrast shower, alternately using cold and hot water.
8. The problem with sweaty skin will help you solve matting wipes. They perfectly hide the shine of sweat on the face, unlike powder, which helps for a while.
9. To protect the delicate skin around the eyes, it is recommended to apply certified products: special serums and creams. Using them, you get the maximum effect and do not harm the most vulnerable spot on the face.
10. Beautiful lips highlight the beauty of the face. Lubricate your lips with quality balms, if you have scaly and dry lips.
11. In public transport or in the store, do not touch your face with dirty hands, because there are a lot of bacteria and germs in your hands. Wash your hands often, use high-quality cleansers, do not spare money and time on your face and body, because your health and beauty of the skin depends on it. Fans of squeezing acne at home should stop this procedure. The result – unwanted spots and scars, and they are unlikely to decorate your face.
12. Many studies show that the habit of sleeping on the stomach is harmful to the skin, it stretches, and wrinkles appear. Sleeping on your back is a recommended posture for sleeping: the skin is smoothed and breathes easily.

Face cleaning – which is better?

чистка лица цена
ultrasonic face cleaning

To restore the skin’s lost gloss and healthy appearance, to eliminate wrinkles, scars and acne marks – all this is possible under such salon procedures as cleaning. Thanks to the achievements of modern cosmetology, a person can transform literally in one trip to a beauty center.

There are many types of skin cleansing with the help of a professional beautician for every taste and opportunity. The most popular for many years is the mechanical cleaning of the face whose price always pleases. More recently, women have been offered an alternative – the removal of dead cells using ultrasound and a device with a vacuum principle of action. A thoroughly update the skin, make it clean and smooth for a long time allows you to peel the face with chemicals and laser.

The cosmetologist selects the cleaning program individually, depending on the type of skin and the desired result. However, you can evaluate the features and benefits of each of the areas of the salon procedure right now:

Mechanical cleaning

Mechanical cleaning of the face benefits not only in cost, but also in efficiency. A more effective way to get rid of black spots, acne, miliums and comedones has not yet been invented. The main stage of the work is to clean the pores with your hands or with a Uno spoon. The final touch is a soothing mask. Because of the increased trauma and the risk of infection, it is not necessary to carry out the procedure at home. The guarantee of a high-quality result and healthy skin is cleansing of the face by a cosmetologist.

Ultrasonic cleaning

An innovative method that has conquered women with its simplicity and speed (the procedure lasts no more than 30 minutes). High-frequency sound waves help remove greasy plugs, dirt, makeup residues. In addition, their action is comparable to massage – metabolic processes are accelerated, the cells are saturated with oxygen. After visiting the salon, the skin brightens noticeably, becomes velvety, and most importantly, there are no consequences in the form of reddenings and microtraumas. Due to this, ultrasonic face cleaning is easily combined with other cosmetic procedures.

Vacuum cleaning

Its main task is to carefully remove dead cells, sebaceous plugs, and black spots. The assistant to the cosmetologist is the apparatus that creates the effect of vacuum. This type of cleaning is ideal for fading skin – acts as a lifting. It improves blood circulation, the cells are filled with oxygen. The result is almost instantaneous: the skin is young, fresh, healthy.

Chemical peel

Excellent results can achieve chemical peels based on various acids. Another name for the cosmetic procedure is atraumatic cleaning. Preparations with acids gently exfoliate the outdated epidermis, have a rejuvenating effect and even have healing properties. Competently selected course makes it possible to smooth wrinkles, remove traces of acne, return the person perfect smoothness and silkiness, as in his youth.

Depending on the time of year, chemical peels with different composition are used. In the autumn and in the cold months, agents with aggressive acids may come up. In the summer, the beautician will select more benign products, after which you can safely sunbathe without fear of pigmentation.

Laser cleaning

Laser cleansing of the face promises to reverse the time by 10-15 years. Incredible rejuvenating effect – the main advantage of the procedure, despite the complexity of its implementation and sufficient pain. The cosmetologist uses in work the device with a laser beam that is able to penetrate to the middle layers of the epidermis. As a result, there are no traces of acne, pigment spots, postacne, and after two or three weeks the reflection in the mirror will pleasantly surprise with the refreshed skin of the face, as if radiant from the inside.

Styx Wet Whiskey

Recently, the procedure of whiskey swaddling in cosmetology is becoming increasingly popular.
Wet whiskey-swaddling provides an opportunity to clean the skin and regulate the body’s metabolism, is an effective method in the fight against cellulite, overweight and stretch marks.
Significant popularity, of course, whiskey swaddling has reached due to the fact that cosmetologists, using this procedure, use professional Austrian cosmetics styx.

виски пеленание стикс
whiskey swaddling styx

Conducting whiskey swaddling, used tools, which include components, obtained by cold pressing of medicinal plants. Medicinal plants are grown exclusively in environmentally friendly areas.
Having decided to succumb to your body with the procedure of whiskey changing styx in Moscow, you must remember that real Austrian cosmetics are used only by certified specialists! A simple explanation for this is that the Styx company cares for its reputation very much, therefore it provides cosmetics only to specialists with the proper wrapping technique.
The effect of styx whiskey swaddling can be observed immediately after it is carried out, and after 10-12 procedures the result will be simply amazing: weight will decrease, body volume will decrease, stretch marks and cellulite will disappear, the body will become more plastic.

In Moscow salons, the procedure of whiskey swaddling is offered locally and for the whole body, this influences the pricing policy. The price of the procedure of whiskey swaddling also depends on the volume of the client’s body.
Wraps styx (whiskey swaddling) have no contraindications, but also have a therapeutic effect.
Whiskey-swaddling procedure includes: cleaning the client’s skin using a scrub or massage oil; the application of therapeutic “corset”; application of aroma oil. After this, the procedure itself stix whiskey swaddling, in which the client’s body swaddled in bandages soaked in lotions. Bandages are removed on average after 40 minutes, after which the body is rubbed with a cream or gel.
After going through the procedure of wrapping (whiskey swaddling) for some time you need to forget about the sauna and solarium, you can not take a bath or shower for the first 8 hours.
The best effect of this procedure will be in that cases, if you attend 5-10 sessions, also one-time sessions are necessary to maintain the achieved result.