Bikini design

бикини дизайн москва
Bikini design

Intimate haircuts, bikini design, this is the final touch that will complement your image and help seduce your beloved man. By choosing one or another intimate hairstyle, you will show your individuality and sophistication. Even in ancient times, hair was often dyed in the pubic area and created original henna drawings.

Every day, caring about the beauty of your body, do not forget about intimate places. Unusual bikini design is the highlight that will once again remind a man of the need for a reverent and tender attitude to your body. Among the stars of show business, intimate haircut is considered an essential attribute of a stylish image.

Bikini design feminine-what is it?

Intimate hairstyle involves conducting a whole complex of procedures in a strictly defined sequence. This is not done by a hairdresser, as is commonly believed, but by a cosmetologist.


  • Curly depilation;
  • Hair dyeing of the bikini area;
  • Decorative design as desired by the client. At this stage it is possible to decorate the bikini area with rhinestones, sequins, feathers and other elements;
  • Biotatuage or body art. With it, you can select the contours of an intimate haircut, which will make the bikini area more accurate.

The originally decorated bikini zone will not be left unattended by the beloved man. Compete with such an intimate hairstyle can only Brazilian version of hair removal, which does not leave a single hair. Also very relevant and modern looks thin strip of hair.

бикини дизайн москва
design bikini cat

Bikini Design Moscow

Qualitative shugaring (bikini design) can only be performed by an experienced, qualified master. You will need to be patient and allow 1.5-2.5 hours of time in your schedule to perform this procedure. The time of the wizard depends on the complexity of the picture you choose. The more complex the drawing you have chosen, the longer the procedure will continue.

Price Bikini Design

The cost of creating a beautiful, unique intimate haircut depends on your chosen bikini design option. The more original coloring applied, the higher the price will be. Also pay attention to the number of used decorative elements.

Before running bikini design is recommended to consider some of the nuances:

  • Body temperature should be within the normal range;
  • There should be no acute gynecological diseases;
  • Avoid skin damage in the inguinal region;
  • Length hair 5 mm or more.

It is not recommended to steam out the skin before the procedure, therefore, it is better to postpone a visit to the sauna or a bath. After the design of the bikini area is prohibited to sunbathe and wash for a day.

Pattern Selection

You have the opportunity to choose the drawing you like in the catalog or provide the master with the sketch you created. The catalog has a huge variety of pictures. You can choose something simple, in the form of geometric shapes, butterflies, cats, etc. There are also many exquisite images, such as dollars or the playboy bunny. Often order the design with the initials of the second half. Before the new year, the Christmas tree bikini design is very popular, and on Valentine’s Day is often asked to make a heart or lips.

An experienced master will carefully listen to all your wishes and complete the drawing you like neatly and very beautifully.

Дизайн зоны бикини

сахарная эпиляция бикини
sugaring bikini

Initially, a sketch of the future hairstyle is done, which is then dyed if necessary. As a rule, hair coloring products are used, as specialized preparations for bikini design do not differ in durability and brightness. Paint for eyebrows and eyelashes are used to make hair black. If temporary dyeing is necessary, then body art paints are used, which are washed off in 2-3 days.

After treatment of the painted area with a disinfecting solution, epilation is carried out with heated wax. You can use flavored wax with emollients. Hairs that are not removed wax are removed with tweezers. If desired, a means is applied to the bikini area that can slow down hair growth.

Further, at the request of the client, the hairstyle is decorated. Rhinestones last no more than three days, sparkles a little longer. You can correct the contour of the hairstyle with a temporary or permanent tattoo.

The resulting hairstyle will please you for about a month, after which you will need to paint and trim it additionally.

Design bikini reviews

Gynecologists recommend intimate haircuts, as this, in addition to a beautiful aesthetic appearance, facilitates hygienic care of the intimate area.

To prevent the development of allergic manifestations on the paint used, a test must be carried out in advance.

A visit to a qualified and experienced bikini designer is a guarantee of a good result and a great mood.

The specialist will take into account all your wishes, and the resulting intimate hairstyle will give a lot of positive emotions!

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