Face cleaning – which is better?

чистка лица цена
ultrasonic face cleaning

To restore the skin’s lost gloss and healthy appearance, to eliminate wrinkles, scars and acne marks – all this is possible under such salon procedures as cleaning. Thanks to the achievements of modern cosmetology, a person can transform literally in one trip to a beauty center.

There are many types of skin cleansing with the help of a professional beautician for every taste and opportunity. The most popular for many years is the mechanical cleaning of the face whose price always pleases. More recently, women have been offered an alternative – the removal of dead cells using ultrasound and a device with a vacuum principle of action. A thoroughly update the skin, make it clean and smooth for a long time allows you to peel the face with chemicals and laser.

The cosmetologist selects the cleaning program individually, depending on the type of skin and the desired result. However, you can evaluate the features and benefits of each of the areas of the salon procedure right now:

Mechanical cleaning

Mechanical cleaning of the face benefits not only in cost, but also in efficiency. A more effective way to get rid of black spots, acne, miliums and comedones has not yet been invented. The main stage of the work is to clean the pores with your hands or with a Uno spoon. The final touch is a soothing mask. Because of the increased trauma and the risk of infection, it is not necessary to carry out the procedure at home. The guarantee of a high-quality result and healthy skin is cleansing of the face by a cosmetologist.

Ultrasonic cleaning

An innovative method that has conquered women with its simplicity and speed (the procedure lasts no more than 30 minutes). High-frequency sound waves help remove greasy plugs, dirt, makeup residues. In addition, their action is comparable to massage – metabolic processes are accelerated, the cells are saturated with oxygen. After visiting the salon, the skin brightens noticeably, becomes velvety, and most importantly, there are no consequences in the form of reddenings and microtraumas. Due to this, ultrasonic face cleaning is easily combined with other cosmetic procedures.

Vacuum cleaning

Its main task is to carefully remove dead cells, sebaceous plugs, and black spots. The assistant to the cosmetologist is the apparatus that creates the effect of vacuum. This type of cleaning is ideal for fading skin – acts as a lifting. It improves blood circulation, the cells are filled with oxygen. The result is almost instantaneous: the skin is young, fresh, healthy.

Chemical peel

Excellent results can achieve chemical peels based on various acids. Another name for the cosmetic procedure is atraumatic cleaning. Preparations with acids gently exfoliate the outdated epidermis, have a rejuvenating effect and even have healing properties. Competently selected course makes it possible to smooth wrinkles, remove traces of acne, return the person perfect smoothness and silkiness, as in his youth.

Depending on the time of year, chemical peels with different composition are used. In the autumn and in the cold months, agents with aggressive acids may come up. In the summer, the beautician will select more benign products, after which you can safely sunbathe without fear of pigmentation.

Laser cleaning

Laser cleansing of the face promises to reverse the time by 10-15 years. Incredible rejuvenating effect – the main advantage of the procedure, despite the complexity of its implementation and sufficient pain. The cosmetologist uses in work the device with a laser beam that is able to penetrate to the middle layers of the epidermis. As a result, there are no traces of acne, pigment spots, postacne, and after two or three weeks the reflection in the mirror will pleasantly surprise with the refreshed skin of the face, as if radiant from the inside.

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