How to get rid of pigmentation on the face

Any defect on the skin is a big nuisance for women. Pigment spots can appear unexpectedly and often quite difficult to get rid of them, but if you start the treatment of pigmentation in a timely manner, it is possible to obtain the desired effect without harm to the skin.

пигментация лечение
How to get rid of pigmentation on the face

Why do age spots appear on the skin?

The causes of pigmentation on the face and body can depend on many factors. Some of these factors are temporary (pregnancy, age-related hormonal changes). In this case, pigmentation usually goes away on its own, but there are exceptions. Another reason may be poor-quality cosmetics, or containing ingredients that do not fit your skin. Means such as contraceptives, potent and toxic drugs can cause the appearance of pigmentation on the skin at any age.

Despite the fact that pigment spots are not an exclusively age-related phenomenon, they most often disturb women over the age of fifty. Over time, the cells of our body begin to lose control over the production of pigment, and as a result of this, pigmentation appears on the skin.

Particularly prone to such a problem are those who spend a lot of time in the sun. If your work is connected with a long stay in the open air, then by the age of forty you can wait for the appearance of stains. To avoid this at any age, try as little as possible to allow the sun’s rays to openly touch the skin of the face. Use hats, sunscreens or any other SPF-protected products, especially in spring and summer.

Carefully monitor the condition of the skin after sunburn, if any darkening appears on the skin, stop these sessions and start using bleaching agents as soon as possible. You also need to note that you can not sunbathe and pregnant, as often pigment spots during pregnancy, tanning, do not disappear at all.

If you are a lover of scrubs, high-acid creams, then you may also experience pigmentation on your face. And scrubs, and this type of cream – great tools to maintain the balance of fat and give the skin an elastic look, but they must be used in moderation (no more than several times a week, and not on a daily and permanent basis).

Let’s return to the topic of pregnancy. Having noticed on her face or body small areas of skin of a darker tone, a woman in a position should not immediately try to get rid of them with the help of various means. It is best to not touch the spots during the gestation period and a few months after the birth of the child. You can use natural acids in small quantities in the form of masks from some fruits, or light creams, but whitening of the skin with the help of aggressive agents (most of which may contain toxic substances) during pregnancy or breastfeeding can not be performed.

 How to get rid of pigmentation on the face?

The most important aspects of any procedures in cosmetology is a professional approach. This approach includes the use of the necessary tools with the correct and safe components in the composition, the correct duration and number of skin whitening procedures.

Effective skin whitening is easy to carry out even at home, using available tools, or any purchased cream. But, getting rid of blemishes, you can seriously harm your skin. If the ingredients you used are not suitable for you, then you risk worsening your skin tone, drying it out and getting serious irritations. Irritations, by the way, are another reason to carry out skin whitening procedures with a specialist or with the help of professional tools, strictly adhering to the instructions.

To get rid of age spots, you may need from 5 to 10 procedures, depending on the degree of discoloration on the skin, age and other individual characteristics. Plus, the salon procedure is that you will be able to choose a tool that is used for a certain age group, such as skin. It is also important that someone monitor the condition of your skin in the process of gradual whitening. Often, we ourselves cannot see that because of such rather traumatic procedures, minor skin problems begin to arise, which over time develops stronger. An experienced beautician will immediately notice minor traces of problems in the condition of the skin, find out the cause and help avoid unpleasant consequences.

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