12 tips from a cosmetologist

посоветуйте хорошего косметолога в москве
The best beauticians of Moscow

The best beauticians of Moscow
Well-groomed and beautiful woman is unlikely to reveal the secrets of his youth and attractiveness. Beautiful skin – one of the main advantages of the female, and there are many different ways that she was young, supple and beautiful.
It is given by nature that a woman, no matter at what age she is, diligently corrects and minimizes the flaws and shortcomings of her face with the help of special creams and various procedures. Makeup – always highlight the beauty of your face. But, unfortunately, such an easy way will not retain the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin.
12 unique and necessary recommendations from beauticians
1. Keep in your cosmetic bag quality cosmetics of famous manufacturers. Do not forget to select it according to your age and skin condition. In such an important matter, you should consult in advance with a specialist physician who will select the best option with you, but do not overdo it with experiments – you do not need to change creams and serums very often, because by doing so you are harming your body. Do not forget about age cream after 30 years, as they must contain the necessary components, namely – hyaluronic acid and dimethylaminoethanol.
2. No need to dry oily skin with alcohol-based products. Using such a tool, the fat on the face will increase, and the skin will begin to peel off.
3. Try to apply the cream on the skin. Before applying the cream, the face must be clean and not wet. Apply tonic using a damp towel or disposable cloth, and only after drying, apply a serum or cream.
4. The most important rule is proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Smoking is the number one enemy. Because of cigarettes, the skin becomes loose, yellowish-gray and unwanted wrinkles appear. Use in your diet plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. They are very useful not only for your skin, but also for the whole body. Eat less fatty foods, and forget about sweets and flour products. Eat seafood, seeds and nuts.
5. In the summer, take as a rule, less to be in the sun, if this is not possible, use special preparations that protect from ultraviolet radiation. These sunscreens help prevent wrinkles and pigmentation at an early age.
6. Cleaning your skin, remember that the smaller the foam in the gel, the better. For oily skin, a soft foam is perfect, for dry and sensitive skin – the ideal option would be a milk with a minimum amount of foam.
7. No need to wash your face with too hot or cold water, warm water will do for all skin types. Treat your face with a contrast shower, alternately using cold and hot water.
8. The problem with sweaty skin will help you solve matting wipes. They perfectly hide the shine of sweat on the face, unlike powder, which helps for a while.
9. To protect the delicate skin around the eyes, it is recommended to apply certified products: special serums and creams. Using them, you get the maximum effect and do not harm the most vulnerable spot on the face.
10. Beautiful lips highlight the beauty of the face. Lubricate your lips with quality balms, if you have scaly and dry lips.
11. In public transport or in the store, do not touch your face with dirty hands, because there are a lot of bacteria and germs in your hands. Wash your hands often, use high-quality cleansers, do not spare money and time on your face and body, because your health and beauty of the skin depends on it. Fans of squeezing acne at home should stop this procedure. The result – unwanted spots and scars, and they are unlikely to decorate your face.
12. Many studies show that the habit of sleeping on the stomach is harmful to the skin, it stretches, and wrinkles appear. Sleeping on your back is a recommended posture for sleeping: the skin is smoothed and breathes easily.

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