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Facial massage is an excellent exercise for your muscles. If you properly conduct facial massage, you can achieve many positive results. Make skin elastic, get rid of wrinkles, edema, acne, age spots, acquire a natural complexion, saturate facial tissues with oxygen, improve microcirculation in blood vessels and skin micro-relief.

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There are many types of facial massage:

  • Classic is a type of massage with stroking and rubbing using specialized types of creams that are absorbed rather slowly. In these creams, a large number of useful elements for your skin. With this type of massage, the skin rejuvenates, becomes elastic, improves microcirculation in blood vessels, skin microrelief. It is best to carry out this type of massage in the morning, then you can buy a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day.
  • plastic is a type of massage, where strong and rhythmic pressing movements are performed on the basis of talc. With this type of massage, it is possible to form and maintain a young oval of the face, to tighten the facial tissues. At the same time, puffiness disappears, the skin acquires a natural color, wrinkles are smoothed, mimic faces are strengthened.
  • pinch or massage by Jacquet is a type of massage, where they use proglazhivanie, deep tweaks, vibration and kneading the skin of the face. Helps to remove scars, spots after acne, comedones.
  • Lymphatic drainage is a type of massage that assists in the circulation of lymph and promotes the cleansing of tissues during metabolism. This type of massage can be done both with the hands and with the help of the apparatus. With this type of massage, you can get rid of swelling, puffiness of the face, smooth out wrinkles, get rid of skin laxity.

There is also a facial massage at home. This type of massage is also good, but not as effective. It can and should even be carried out to maintain the effect after a facial massage with a beautician.

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