Chemical peeling

Skin rejuvenation with chemical peeling

The procedure of chemical peeling is one of the most popular beauty services in beauty salons. This manipulation of the skin of a person is aimed at removing the upper layer (dead epidermis). This significantly rejuvenates the skin and eliminates its visible defects with the naked eye.

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This cosmetic procedure has been known for quite some time. Women of ancient Egypt used grape or lactic acid to rejuvenate the skin of the face, so as not to lose the favor of their men.

The main methods of chemical peeling of the upper human skin:

Three types of chemical peeling are currently practiced for rejuvenating human skin, and each of these methods is designed for a specific age group of people. Consider all three methods of chemical peeling in more detail:

– For girls and women ages 25-40 years old, superficial chemical peeling is optimal. This procedure is not as uncomfortable for the upper layer of the human epidermis as the others. But it rather effectively helps to rejuvenate the patient’s skin with the help of alpha-hydroxy acid. This acid is an extract from fruit of fruit trees that have high acidity such as apples or lemons, although lactic acid has a similar effect;

-Median peeling is a cosmetic procedure for middle-aged women and gentlemen aged 40-45 years. On this part of the person’s life, skin rejuvenation should be carried out using alpha-hydroxyacids in direct combination with various preparations that have a whitening effect, as well as antioxidant substances;

For those over 45 years old, a deep chemical peel is most suitable. This procedure is an in-depth correction of the skin to a depth of 0.6 mm, with the removal of old scars and deep wrinkles. In this case, substances such as phenol or, as a substitute for it, trichloroacetic acid, as well as croton oil are used. Results exceed customer expectations.

In general, for each age category people have their own methods that allow you to have beautiful skin without acne and wrinkles. And chemical peeling is one of the most ancient and effective methods of rejuvenation, the skin of the face and other parts of the body.

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