Does biorevitalization do?

The skin of the face is an important component of the appearance of a woman. It is the skin – the main indicator of human health and age.

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skin biorevitalization

Even the queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, known for its ideal appearance even in old age, paid great attention to the skin. She used various baths, masks, creams and left behind a huge amount of useful recipes that women use to this day.

But, unfortunately, such procedures can not always be limited, because with age, the skin condition always worsens, it becomes more dry, loses elasticity, age-related wrinkles appear.

It is not necessary to resort to plastic surgery, because today there are many cosmetic procedures that can improve her condition without significant intervention, and biorevitization
is one of them. But unlike the others, it is designed specifically to eliminate the age-related changes of the skin, therefore, biorevitization of the face is done for women from 30 years old.

What problems can be overcome by resorting to this cosmetic procedure?

Dry skin This procedure will give the necessary moisture to your skin, even if it is very dry and dehydrated.
Poor skin condition after plastic surgery.
Damage from ultraviolet rays. If you like to visit tanning salons or sunbathe in the sun, you may face the adverse effects of rays on the skin, this procedure will allow you to get rid of it.
Inelasticity and loss of elasticity.
Dark spots. Biorevitization effectively fights the problem of multiple moles and other age spots.
The essence of the method is that hyaluronic acid, administered intracutaneously, maintains water balance, cells are activated in a favorable environment, tissues begin to recover, appearance of the skin improves, and elasticity appears.

There are two main types of biorevitization: biorevitization with hyaluronic acid, by introducing it directly under the skin of problem areas, and biorevitization with a laser, where hyaluronic acid, which is part of the gel, affects the skin when interacting with the laser.

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biorevitalization Price

The most common type is injectable biorevitization.
Reviews of biorevitalization are the most positive, since its action can be seen almost immediately after it. Also, there is an effect that manifests itself after 1-2 weeks, it is then that the skin cells begin to repair themselves. So if there is a need to prepare for an important event, then the procedure is desirable to carry out in advance, to obtain the maximum result.

The price of biorevitization in Moscow is available to any budget, since the biorevitization course is carried out once a month, and, for example, mesotherapy once a week. It is necessary to distinguish these two procedures not only by price, but also as a whole, as many confuse them. Mesotherapy involves the introduction under the skin not only hyaluronic acid, but also additional vitamins and trace elements that are produced in an insufficient amount in the body.
Mesotherapy can be performed from the age of 25, and biorevitization
is effective at a later age.

Reviews after biorevitization almost all positive due to the absence of complications in the form of bruises, as well as the speed of the procedure.

Biorevitization will take only an hour, and the result will be visible immediately!

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