Depilation (shugaring)

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Sugar Depilation (Shugaring)

Шугаринг а Москве
Bikini depilation

Silky smooth skin without a hint of a hair is a constant trend of the last three decades. Means to remove unwanted vegetation are many, periodically, the arsenal of cosmetologists is replenished with new methods. But one of the most effective is the sugar depilation (shugaring), known in ancient Egypt.

The popularity of shugaring is understandable. Compared with other types of depilation, it has a whole set of undoubted advantages:

• Minimum discomfort

With the help of shugaring techniques, deep bikinis are made almost painlessly, not to mention other parts of the body. The secret lies in the very principle of hair removal – in the direction of growth. In this regard, waxing epilation and, moreover, electrolysis, during which women have to gain courage and suffer, are significantly inferior. When shugaring, pain is also reduced because sugar paste is applied to small areas, and thanks to the pleasant warmth of the skin, the pores expand and the hair is easier to remove.

Где сделать шугаринг бикини
deep bikini

• Savings time

Depilation bikini (m. Turgenev, Beauty Boutique GEORGE KARAPETYAN) and other body parts does not take much time. The procedure lasts from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the volume of treated areas. For example, an ideal deep bikini takes only about 20 minutes.

• Savings

Shugaring depilation (m. Turgenevskaya, GEORGE KARAPETYAN Beauty Boutique) has won universal recognition for its cost effectiveness. New techniques based on photo-radiation and lasers significantly hit the pocket, while sugarin is available to all women, regardless of income.

• Lasting result

The skin maintains an ideal smoothness up to 2-3 weeks, sometimes up to a month. The effect depends on the individual characteristics. The principle of hair removal using powdered sugar allows achieving this result: they disappear with the root.

Депиляция волос
Depilation Shugaring

• Skin Care

Shugaring is a great skin care procedure. This is not just getting rid of unwanted vegetation, but also a peeling, gently removing dead cells.

• No allergies

Sugar paste has a completely simple composition, so it is recommended for people who are particularly sensitive to hair removal chemicals. A mixture of water and sugar with the addition of acids does not cause allergic reactions. The method is less traumatic, thus avoiding skin irritation.

• Ease of procedure

Shugaring modern women gave beautiful Egyptian a few thousand years ago. Since then, almost nothing has changed – only instead of honey they began to use sugar, the technique of applying and removing the composition remained the same.

The procedure does not require special preparation. The beautician only treats the skin with a degreasing agent, then applies it to a pre-heated sugar paste. After a few seconds, applications are removed in one confident movement. A drop of soothing lotion as a finishing touch, and you can enjoy impeccable smooth skin.

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