Diamond dermabrasion

лицо шлифовка

Face dermabrasion – what is it?
Dermabrasion is a rather effective technique, which allows to get rid of many problems and skin defects already from the first session. The skin becomes smooth and becomes healthy. Dermabrasion allows you to smooth defects. Dermabrasion is a modern method of mechanical cleansing. It is based on deep layer-by-layer sanding of the skin.
This procedure is carried out with the help of the device by a cosmetologist doctor, who, depending on the defects and skin types, individually selects the grinding nozzle of the device, which is in close contact with the patient’s skin. Equally important is the depth of impact, which can also be adjusted.
There are several types of facial dermabrasion:

  • laser – this type of grinding is the effect of concentrated heat on the deepest layers of the skin with a laser. This type of treatment is considered gentle. Use with not deep wrinkles and scars. After applying the skin becomes smooth and taut. But this technique has a large number of contraindications and in inept hands is fraught with scars and pigmentation.
  • diamond – with this type, the cosmetologist with the purpose of polishing wrinkles, post acne scars, and other skin irregularities uses diamond-coated tips. Thus, by improving the microrelief, skin defects become less visible. And after a few procedures may disappear altogether. The method also requires professionalism and compliance with post-procedure care by the patient.
  • deep is the most traumatic and deepest type of treatment. Apply specially designed grinding cutters that remove damaged skin layers. This type is considered more productive, even after it the skin is restored for a very long time.
    The procedure can be carried out only after preliminary preparation.

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